Wildcats Fun Run

Wildcats Fun Run Event Description  

This annual October tradition is run by Boosterthon – the group that makes it fun for everyone!

  • It’s more than just a fundraiser. Boosterthon impacts students with the most innovative character lessons in America. Plus, they’re collaborative partners with CHARACTER COUNTS!, the nation’s most reputable character ed organization.
  • Powerful pledging technology:
    • Online web page customized to your child.
    • Custom video that casts your child as the star of an epic film and enables you to raise more than ever.
    • Safely pledge with the highest levels of data security.
  • Every student is included!  We believe no child should be left out!  It matters that every student has fun, feels included, and walks away with a giant smile, whether families financially give or not.
    • EVERY student receives a FREE wristband when they are registered online.
    • EVERY student has fun in our interactive character huddle.
    • EVERY student runs in the action packed Fun Run.

Goal & Programs PTA Supports

Our Fun Run goal is $25,000 profit. Help us reach our goal by having friends and family donate!

A large portion of the proceeds are given to each classroom and used for purchases that support 21st Century Learning. The remainder sustains all other PTA sponsored programs at the school. View a detailed list of programs PTA supports: 2019-2020 Glenmoor Calendar of Events

Days to Wildcats Fun Run 2019








Volunteer Sign-up: Coming Soon!

Committee Chair Responsibilities

  • Coordinates with principal to select day for the run.
  • Works with Boosterthon to set up Wildcats on the Run.
  • Completes any necessary paperwork (facility use permit).
  • Promotes run and sends out Waiver and Volunteer Forms.
  • Sends out Teacher Packet; make sure teachers are informed about the day of the event.

As the chair, you have access to all template documents in Google Drive in order to run the program.

Commitment:  4-6 hours per month for two months (Sept/Oct)

Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Coordinates volunteers.
  • Collects volunteer forms.
  • Assigns volunteers to tasks and also notifies volunteers of assignments.
  • Organizes volunteers on the day of the event.
  • Checks in people and makes sure they understand their assignments as well as make sure all jobs are covered.

Commitment: 4-6 hours per month for two months (Sept/Oct)

  • Tracks student information: Waiver Forms, Sponsor Forms, laps completed, money sponsored/collected.
  • Works with teachers on missing paperwork.
  • After event: There are a few money counting days to verify funds are accurate.

Commitment: 2-4 hours per week for two months (Sept/Oct)

  • Seeks the following (via donation or purchase – PTA to reimburse for budgeted expenses):
    • food (coffee, pastries, fruit) and necessary paper supplies for volunteers.
    • frozen treat and paper cups for water for Cool Down Station for students.
  • Delivers volunteer food and paper supplies, and student frozen treat and paper cups on day of event.

Commitment:  4-6 hours per month for two months (Sept/Oct)


Event Day Volunteer Responsibilities

Event day starts at 7:30am and ends at approximately 1:45pm.


4 Volunteers Needed

  • Arrive at 7:30am to set up volunteer food and student water stations.
Tally Markers

12 Volunteers Needed for Each Shift 8:45-11:15 and/or 11:30-1:45

  • Marking Station:   Parents, we could use your help marking the runners shirts as they pass you.  We need to mark each lap they complete.  We need at least 12 volunteers for the first shift and at least 12 volunteers for the second shift.
Water Station

12 Volunteers Needed for Each Shift 8:45-11:15 and/or 11:30-1:45

  • Water Station:  Parents, we could use your help passing out water to all of the runners!  We need at least 12 volunteers for the first shift and at least 12 volunteers for the second shift.
Clean Up

4 Volunteers Needed

  • Break down the volunteer food area and student water station.
  • Throw away any garbage.