Olympic Day

On the last day of school, Glenmoor celebrates with its Olympic Day.  Each class is assigned a country; dresses to represent that country; and marches in an opening ceremony prior to the start of the games.

Students spend about three hours rotating to different stations performing team tasks. They get wet and muddy, but most of all have a great time!

If you haven’t witnessed Olympic Day festivities you’re missing out on a lot of fun!




Chair Responsibilities

  • Reviews games and supplies ahead of time and replaces broken or missing items
  • Organizes receipt of EZ-Up canopies (from parents) for day of event
  • Organizes receipt of water balloons for day of event
  • Sends out flyers requesting volunteers
  • Coordinates & supervises committee heads and volunteers

Commitment:  5-10 hours per month, 1-2 months in advance of event; 6 hours on day of event


Volunteer Coordinator

  • Recruits & organizes volunteers prior to event; collects their forms;
  • Coordinates volunteers;
  • Assigns volunteers to tasks and also notifies volunteers of assignments;
  • Checks-in volunteers to make sure they understand their assignments as well as make sure all jobs are covered.
  • Answers volunteer questions on day of event.

Commitment: 1-3 hours pre-event planning; 6 hours on day of event

Event Day Volunteers

  • Need approximately 30+ volunteers on the day of the event to man each game station and help with set-up & clean-up

Commitment:  4-6 hours on day of event

Set-up/Break-down Coordinator

  • Works with committee chair to review games and supplies ahead of time and replaces broken or missing items
  • Organizes set-up day before event, morning of event, and clean-up after event.

Commitment:  7-8 hours

Food Coordinator

  • Seeks the following (via donation or purchase – PTA to reimburse for budgeted expenses):
    • food (coffee, pastries, fruit) and necessary paper supplies for volunteers.
  • Delivers volunteer food and paper supplies on day of event.
  • Sets-up all food related items

Commitment:  4-6 hours per month for two months (May/June)