Event Descriptions & Sign-up

We always say it takes a village to successfully host all the PTA sponsored events throughout the year. We'd love to have your support in any way possible! From your muscles to your food, we need it all!

Family Events

Questions on a specific program?  Contact the committee chair.

Movie Night

Once or twice per year, students spread blankets on the Multi Purpose Room floor and enjoy a movie with their friends.  Parents are required to attend this event with their children.

Volunteers help choose the movie, organize the show, set-up A/V equipment, and sell concessions.

Commitment: 4-6 hours

Fall and/or Spring Event.  1-5 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Science Night

Children’s Discovery Museum brings science activities to the Multi Purpose Room for students and their families to experience hands-on learning.

This committee chooses the date, advertises the event, and is trained by the museum to present different activities.

Commitment: 4-6 hours

Spring Event: 1-5  volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Posting Party

The Friday prior to school starting (around 5:00 p.m.), Glenmoor posts the class listings.  To get families back into the school spirit, PTA hosts a party inviting families to learn more about the school, PTA, etc.  Treats such as, Jamba Juice or Menchies are given out.

This committee selects the treat and coordinates with the vendor; sets-up & breaks-down the tables; has PTA membership flyers on hand and is available to answer questions regarding the PTA and the programs it supports.

Commitment: 3-4 hours

August Event. 1-5 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Reading Night

Once per year, families come to the Multi Purpose Room where Mr. Benevides reads stories to the students.  Parents are required to attend this event with their children.


Volunteers help prepare/set-up the Multi-purpose Room.

Commitment: 1-2 hours

Spring Event.  1-5 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon


This is how we offer over 35 programs for Glenmoor!   Questions on a specific program?  Contact the committee chair.

Book Fair

This program is run by the school librarian and all proceeds go to the library.

This is where we get a chance to support our school library and promote reading!  Scholastic Publishing Company books are sold in the library during two week-long events held in fall and spring.  Proceeds go directly toward purchasing new books for the library.


Volunteers set-up the books, man the cash register, help students choose books, and break down the event.

Click here for more volunteer information and to sign-up.

Fall & Spring Event.  10+ volunteers needed


Programs such as E-scrip, Target’s Take Charge of Education, and Box Tops for Education help earn money for the PTA simply by families shopping at their favorite places.  For all the details on how you can help earn money for the PTA, please click here.   It only takes a few minutes of your time!


This committee finds grocery and retail programs that benefit Glenmoor PTA. Volunteers do internet searches to find new opportunities, send out flyers to promote the events, and use program points to purchase items for the school.

For more information on volunteering click here.

Year-round Event. 1-5 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Fall Carnival

Parade through the streets with Mr. B., play carnival games, and win fabulous baskets put together by each classroom! This is a fundraiser for 6th grade Science Camp and the 6th grade teachers put on this event.  They would love your help!

October event.

Parent Events

Questions on a specific program?  Contact the committee chair.

Coffee Social

Parents are invited to come to the Multi Purpose Room after drop off in the morning at 8:30 a.m. for coffee, treats and conversation.

The chairperson and his/her team of volunteers select the dates of the socials, confirm availability with the office staff, advertise the event through posters and Wildcat Folder correspondence, coordinate the donation/purchase of coffee and pastries, as well as set up and break down the event.

Commitment: 10-15 hour per year

Event occurs 3 -4 times per year.   1-5 volunteers needed.

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Kinder/New Parent Orientation

The PTA invites Kindergarten and new parents for an orientation at the start of the school year.  The orientation is comprised of two separate gatherings – a tour on the evening of the Posting Party and then a presentation in the Multi Purpose Room after drop off on the first day of school.  Parents learn what to expect regarding school logistics; PTA covers Friday Wildcat folders, calling in absences, pick up and drop off procedures, and school events and programs, etc. Pasties and coffee are generally served at the morning presentation.

Volunteers should be versed in the above listed areas in order to answer questions.  An outline of the morning presentation is provided to parents.

Commitment: 3-4 hours

August Event. 1-5 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon

School Events & Programs

Questions on a specific program?  Contact the committee chair.

Common Core Testing Support

This committee helps encourage students to do their best during the May Common Core State Standards test, Smarter Balanced.

Volunteers come up with ideas or small tokens to motivate students such as, pencils with a motivational statement, a healthy snack for each classroom so students aren’t testing on an empty stomach, signs or posters encouraging students to do their best.

Commitment: 5 hours in May

May Event.  1-5 volunteers needed.

Sign-up here: Coming Soon

Founder's Day

The PTA celebrates the founding of our organization by honoring the contributions of its members.

The coordinator starts in December and sends home a note explaining what Founder’s Day is and asks for parents to nominate businesses, families or a person for this award.  In January, nominations are collected, a committee is formed and the committee reviews the nominations to decide which awards will be given.  PTA pins and certificates are then ordered; the event is then planned and organized, usually coordinating with a PTA meeting to recognize these special advocates for children.

Commitment: 1-5 hours per month, Dec-Feb

February Event.  1-5 volunteers needed.

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Make a Difference Day

One day per year in October, millions of volunteers across the nation will unite with a common mission – to improve the lives of others. For more than 20 years, USA WEEKEND Magazine, in collaboration with Points of Light, has brought us Make A Difference Day, the largest national day of community service.

This committee determines a worthy cause on campus or finds one in the community.  This event is discussed with and approved by the PTA President and Principal.  Ideas for improvement events are clothing drive for a shelter, school improvement or beautification, or other community service event.  Once the event is determined, the committee promotes the event to Glenmoor families, schedules volunteers, encourages engagement; and supervises and coordinates volunteers at the event.

Commitment:  1-3 hours of coordination prior to event, plus coordination on day of event.

October Event.  1-5 committee members needed; and as many volunteers as possible on the day of event.

Sign-up: Coming in May 2015

Olympic Day

This is Glenmoor’s year end celebration!  Each class represents a different country and plays games.


For detailed information on all volunteer opportunities for Olympic Day, please click here.

June (last day of school) Event. 30+ volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Read Across America

This national week long program celebrates reading and Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

This committee works with the PTA President and Principal to plan a fun school-wide event to encourage reading.  In the past, this has been a reading competition to reach a set goal.  If the goal is reached students get to pull a prank on the Principal.  Such as, covering him with slime, having him ride a tricycle in a bunny suit – something fun for the entire school.

Volunteers promote the event, distribute flyers and reading hours forms via Wildcat folder, collect reading hours per class and keep a running total to see if the school meets the goal.  If the goals is met, we’ll need volunteers to help on the day of the Principal prank.

Commitment: 2-5 hours

March Event. 1-5 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Room Parent Representative

Each classroom has a Room Parent whom coordinates class parties and other small events.

The Room Parent Representative recruits room parent volunteers, establishes and maintains a list of Room Parents for each class; and sends out event reminders to each Room Parent throughout the year.  Reminders are for three school parties, Fall Carnival Basket, and Teacher Appreciation.

Commitment: 1 hour per month

Year-round Event. 1-5 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Teacher Appreciation Week

This nationally celebrated week honors our teacher’s contributions to our students and Glenmoor school.

Volunteers help decorate the teacher’s lounge, provide lunch and snacks, and small gifts based on an annual theme.

Commitment: 1-5 hours

May Event.  10+ volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming in spring


Each year Glenmoor PTA produces a school yearbook to commemorate all the wonderful memories had by the students, teachers, and staff.

Volunteers submit pictures, arrange collages, and work together to submit a final product available for purchase.

Commitment: 1-5 hours per month

Year-round Event.  1-5 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Glenmoor Garden

As a part of the Lifecycle of a Plant lesson plan and to learn about healthy eating habits, Kindergarten through 6th grade students are given the opportunity to grow plants from seedlings in the Glenmoor Garden.

This committee maintains our school garden and works with the local community to promote healthful eating habits.

Committee Chair Responsibilities: 
  • Coordinate with Science Teacher regarding the needs of the garden for the school year
  • Submit receipts from teachers for reimbursement to the treasurer for seedlings
  • Coordinate with Science Teacher about planning and running an Earth Day activity
  • Reach out to local resources/nurseries for donations for the garden
  • Find and write garden grants to fund seedlings, fertilizer and expanding the garden
Commitment : 3-5 hours a month


Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Help plan and run Earth Day Activity
  • Help find and write garden grants to expand the garden
  • Contact local resources/nurseries for donations of seedlings and fertilizer

Commitment : 2-3 hours per month

Year-round Event.  1-5 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Health & Safety

The Health and Safety Committee works to make sure each classroom at Glenmoor is prepared for an emergency.  This includes being prepared for a “lock down” on campus should one occur, an earthquake, or any other type of natural disaster.

Volunteers re-stock the emergency backpacks in each classroom once per year, and work to ensure students are prepared in the event of an emergency.

Commitment: 5 hours in fall & spring

Fall & Spring Event.  1-5 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Music for Minors

We need music in schools and with your help we can bring it to Glenmoor!

We’re looking for volunteers to become docents to teach music in the K-6 classrooms.  Watch this video to learn about the program.


Commitment: 3-5 hours per month

Year-round Event: 1-5 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Parent Education

A few times per year, the PTA brings in quality speakers on the topics of parenting and education.

The coordinator seeks guests speakers to come to school, preferably on a PTA evening to talk with parents on important topics such as, internet safety, sports safety, financial planning for college, parent topics (challenges with elementary students, establishing good study habits, child nutrition), etc.

Commitment: 1-3 hours to schedule speakers for the entire school year

Year-round Event: 1 volunteer needed.

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Red Ribbon Week

This national program serves as a catalyst to mobilize communities to educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities.  One week in October PTA joins the initiative aimed at raising awareness about the danger of drugs.  We offer themed dress up days; students receive a red ribbon to wear throughout the week; and have a classroom door decorating contest.


Volunteers decorate the school early Monday morning for the week, coordinate a judge (usually a police officer or city official) for the door competition, determine prizes for any contests, help at school if there’s an activity during recess such as, chalk messages about not using drugs or being healty.  This week coincides with a school wide assembly.

Commitment: 1-5 hours

October Event.  5-10 volunteers

Sign-up: Coming in September


Glenmoor Alumni graduating high school students write an essay on a committee chosen topic and submit it to the PTA Scholarship Committee.  If chosen, the applicant receives a $200 college scholarship.

The committee is responsible for choosing the essay topic, reading the entries, selecting a certain number of applicants as scholarship recipients, and submitting the recipients information to the PTA treasurer for funds disbursement.

Commitment:  3-5 hours

May Event.  1-5 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Walk to School Week

The week long international program promotes and supports walking to school.


Volunteers send out promotional paperwork encouraging students to walk to school; come to school early each day of that week to pass out stickers and have students fill out tickets to enter their names in a drawing for prizes.

Commitment: 4-6 hours

October Event.  1-5 volunteers needed.

Sign-up: Coming in September

Glenmoor Musical Theater

Glenmoor Musical Theater (GMT) is a theatrical performance group that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dancing.  Students in 2nd – 6th grades may be involved in this fun-filled activity that promotes a sense of community.  Tryouts are in December with practices January – March.  Performances are typically at the end of March or beginning of April.

Pulling off this event truly takes a village!  There are multiple volunteer opportunities.

Visit the GMT page for a slideshow of last year’s play.

Logo Wear

Glenmoor PTA wants you to give you the opportunity to show your school spirit!  Order forms are sent home in the fall and spring to purchase Glenmoor logo wear.

This committee places orders for Glenmoor Wildcats t-shirts, sweatshirt and whatever other logo wear the committee decides.  Styles may change from year to year.  The committee meets to decide what they want that year and then the chair will meet with the vendor to discuss an order.  Volunteers will distribute order forms, set up a spreadsheet to place the order with the vendor and give the monies to the financial secretary for deposit.  When the order is ready, volunteers will separate the order and distribute to each family.

Commitment:  3-5 hours in the fall and spring

Fall Event.  3-4 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon


The PTA is required to have a Board of Directors in order to run the group.  A list of positions and job responsibilities can be found here.  If you’re interested in running for a position, please email theemail hidden; JavaScript is required no later than the end of March.


This 5 member committee is responsible for soliciting candidates (starting in March) for PTA board positions, through word of mouth, flyers in Wildcat folders, etc.   They present the nominations at the association meeting where voting takes place in May.

Commitment: 1-3 hours per month, March-May

March-May Event.  5 volunteers needed

Sign-Up: Coming Soon

Picture Day

Volunteers are asked to help from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. to assist photographers in keeping students calm, in line, and looking their best for their picture! Should volunteers stay the entire time, they’ll receive a free picture package.

Commitment: 5 hours

Fall Event.  1-5 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming in spring


The Reflections Arts Recognition Program is a national arts recognition and achievement program for students. Since 1969, over 10 million students across the nation have taken part in this popular PTA program.  Students get the opportunity to create and showcase their talents through Literature, Musical Composition, Photography, Visual Arts, Dance Choreography, and Film Production.


Volunteers distribute information through Wildcat folders, collect student artwork, and judge the artwork to send it on to the next level.  View the forms for more information on the program.

Commitment: 3-5 hours per month for two months

September/October Event.  1-5 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Summer Connection Workbooks

The workbooks help students retain the knowledge and skills they have achieved throughout the school year by working on those skills over summer. The Bellwork’s Summer Connection™ program:

  • Written to the California Content Standards and Common Core State Standards
  • Skills in Mathematics and Reading/Language Arts in a multiple-choice format with added open-ended questions/activities
  • A full summer (10 weeks / 50 days) of daily standards review and practice
  • Retains students’ learning during the summer (reviews 75% of the current grade-level skills) and prepares students for the next school year (previews 25% of the next grade-level skills)
  • Contains a suggested Summer Reading List; a See, Sound, and Spell List; and an Answer Key.

Volunteers distribute sale fliers in Wildcat folders; collect money; purchase and distribute Summer Connection Workbooks (from Bellworks). Students may turn in the workbooks the first month of school and receive a small prize.

For more volunteer information, please click here.

Commitment:  3-5 hours in spring & fall

Spring & Fall Event.  1-5 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming Soon

Welcome Back Staff Luncheon

Just as the title says, we welcome back faculty and staff to the new school year with a luncheon.  They are always appreciative of this nice break on a busy day before school starts.


The coordinator determines a theme, sets up a volunteers sign-up sheet (Volunteer Spot or Sign-Up Genius) that details food offerings.  Volunteers sign-up to donate food for the luncheon.  Lunch ideas: salad bar, Italian theme, lunch bag, etc.

Commitment: 1-5 hours

August Event.  5-10 volunteers needed

Sign-up: Coming in August