Become a PTA Member or Donate

Each fall, Glenmoor families are asked to join the Glenmoor Elementary PTA and make a financial contribution to the Glenmoor PTA Annual Fund. Parent participation is a big part of what makes Glenmoor such a great school, and Annual Fund contributions from Glenmoor families help us pay for crucial enrichment activities the school district is not able to provide.

Join the PTA!

Becoming a member or donating is easy:  For your convenience, we’ll soon have an online option!

For now, it’s the old fashioned way. You may fill out the PTA Membership form and print it.  Completed membership forms, along with donations, may be dropped off in the PTA box in the school office or in your child’s Wildcat folder.

Annual PTA membership costs only $10 per person.

PTA membership lasts one year and must be renewed annually.

Our long-term membership goal is to get 100% of parents, teachers, and school administrators to join Glenmoor PTA.

Our goal for the Annual Fund is to raise $5,000, or 10% of Glenmoor PTA’s operating budget.

Contributions to the Annual Fund are entirely voluntary, and all donations are welcome, no matter how big or small.

2017-2018 PTA Memberships (as of 10/17/17)

2017-2018 Membership Goal

Benefits of Membership

In addition to the these fabulous perks, here are some other membership benefits:

  • Enrichment events beyond those provided by local schools and their districts.
  • PTA funding to benefit all students.
  • Opportunity to participate in the National PTA Reflections Program to explore and develop creative talents.
  • Assurance that no child will be exploited as a means for the PTA to raise funds.
Parents/Legal Guardians
  • $500 continuing education scholarships. Visit this site for more information.
  • Opportunities to be involved at school and to take part in volunteer-organized activities that enhance the educational environment at the school.
  • The opportunity to be better connected with the school, the principal, and the staff.
  • Assurance to parents that PTA planned activities comply with California State PTA insurance program requirements and are safe for students.
  • Access to information on issues and programs concerning the education, health, and welfare of children and youth. 
  • The right to attend PTA meetings, ask questions and vote on issues. 
  •  The right to express opinions at PTA council and district meetings and at the annual California State PTA Convention.

Each year the California PTA provides $500 continuing education scholarships to teachers.  Visit this site for more information.

Don’t want to become a member, but still want to donate?

You can!  When filling out the membership form, go straight to Donation option.  If you want your donation to benefit a specific program, please contact the email hidden; JavaScript is requiredto make your wishes known. Remember to check if your employer participates in Corporate Matching!

Annual Donation Drive

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Does your employer participate in corporate matching?

Make your generous gift to Glenmoor PTA go further!  Many companies, both small and large, participate in matching programs that can double your donation!   Please visit your employer’s corporate matching coordinator (usually in HR) at your place of work to see if your employer participates.  Some companies even match gifts by retirees, family members, and friends of the Glenmoor PTA! For further assistance, please contact PTA’s email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Glenmoor PTA’s Tax ID # 94-6172194

At least $10 billion in workplace matching funds go unclaimed each year; often, corporate employees do not even know about the opportunity for their employer to match their charitable gifts.